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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Carmichael

Tooth loss has a significant impact not only on your appearance but your health. Fortunately, there is a permanent solution that can both preserve your smile and allow you to chew normally. Dental implants have become the reliable go-to replacement method for many patients. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or need to replace an entire arch, these titanium posts will restore your smile and allow you to live comfortably. Dr. Whitmire places and restores dental implants in Carmichael for patients who need to preserve their dental anatomy and health.

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What to Expect

During your initial consultation, Dr. Whitmire conducts a thorough examination to determine whether or not you are a viable candidate for dental implant placement and restoration. Ideal candidates possess healthy gums that are free of periodontal disease and have little to no resorption, or the shrinking of the jawbone after tooth loss. If both of these conditions are met, Dr. Whitmire will outline an effective treatment plan that caters to your aesthetic needs and dental goals.

Restoration Options

Dental implants require a few months’ time to safely bond with your jawbone. Once this process is complete, you will return for your final restoration. Our implant restoration options include:

  • Single Unit Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Overdentures

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce beautiful restorations that will allow you to function and smile with confidence. Our CEREC machine fabricates prosthetics with porcelain, a material which resembles natural tooth enamel and is highly stain-resistant. Once your restorations are in place, you will be able to chew food normally and enjoy a seamless smile.

Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

There are a number of restorative procedures that replace missing teeth.  While other methods require the alteration of neighboring teeth, dental implants serve as new tooth roots and effectively stabilize your jawbone. 

Tooth loss causes issues that have a domino effect; the loss of even one can trigger complications that affect your overall smile and health. You can prevent both resorption and the shifting that occurs after tooth loss with dental implants. Your smile was meant to house a complete set of teeth; along with impaired aesthetics, your health will be compromised as well, since improper chewing leads to incomplete digestion. 

Another Chance with Preparatory Procedures

If at first you are not deemed a viable candidate for implants, you can gain access to care through preparatory procedures. We collaborate with oral surgeons who routinely perform procedures such as bone grafts, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts which allow patients with diminished jaws the chance to benefit from dental implants. 

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Dr. Whitmire works with patients to help them achieve their ideal smile. We provide dental implants in Carmichael for patients who have lost teeth and would like to preserve their health and smile. If you or a loved one has lost teeth either to trauma or illness, dental implants are the most reliable replacement solution on the market. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!



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