Anna F. Whitmire, DMD
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Call: (916) 972-1933


I have been going to Dr. Whitmire for years and we love how much she and her staff truly care about the patients. Dr. Whitmire does excellent work, and she is the best around!

Krisann V.

Discovered this place via Groupon because I have not gotten dental insurance yet (soon though) and needed to get my teeth cleaned and examined. Gotta say this place is pretty awesome! Their x-rays are digital so they pop up on the computer screen in front of you right after they are captured. The objects used to take this x-rays weren't bulky either; they fit comfortably in my mouth without jabbing me in my cheeks or gums.
Another cool device this place offers is the water pick for cleaning in between your teeth. Just a heads up: this will seem like a mini water park in your mouth and create a splash zone for your face; but it's still fun and your mouth will feel super clean after. I was very surprised how much cleaner & whiter my teeth looked and felt after the water pick in comparison to other cleaning methods in the past.
Anna was very nice and introduced herself and even got to know me before she stuck her hands in my mouth taking away the stranger-danger feeling (trust me it's weird when you have no idea who your doctor is especially with a coupon involved). She was very knowledgeable in oral care and even provided easier options/tricks to keep my teeth and gums healthy.
I would recommend this place for sure and there is even a private lot for parking so you don't have to compete for parking spaces.

Adam G.

I was referred to Dr. Whitmire by a friend. I needed a second opinion and although they did not accept my insurance I was willing to pay out of pocket. I had previously gone to Citrus Dental Group a few months ago and was told I needed a deep scaling cleaning and that I had periodontal disease. This was shocking news for me because six months prior at my dentist in NM, I was never told anything like this and I go to my dentist regularly. I was really put off because Citrus Dental was very pushy about me getting this costly procedure done asap. This procedure was only covered at 20% by my insurance. So, needless to say, I didn't have $750 to get it done right away. I called my previous dentist and told her the situation, she suggested a second opinion. Dr. Whitmire's office was great from scheduling to the end of my visit. I explained to Alice, in scheduling, my issue and she understood completely. I got into the office and was greeted very friendly and filled out the paperwork. I would suggest going in 10-15 mins before your first visit to full it out. Jennifer the hygienist was awesome! She explained everything to me that she was going to do. She listened to me and what I was told at Citrus Dental. Guess what? I did NOT need that pricey procedure at all, just a very thorough cleaning!! Nor do I have periodontal disease! They use a sonic water pick for cleaning which is nice, a little messy but it's so worth it. She polished my teeth with a gritty whitening paste that I loved and once she was a difference!! Dr. Whitmire also came in to talk to me, she was very polite and explained what she thought I needed as well. I couldn't get Citrus Dental to even give me a basic cleaning at all!! They would only do the scaling cleaning or nothing at all! I'm so glad I went to Dr. Whitmire and have found my new dentist! I may be paying out of pocket, but for the amazing service and treatment I received, it's more than worth it. :)

Jenn H.